Working Safely Online Training Course

With the amount of time we all spend at work, working safely is in the best interest of everyone and should be a concern for all staff, both employers and employees. Where legal duties are concerned, most of the responsibility does fall to the employer, however Health and Safety legislation does place responsibility on employees as well.

Working Safely Online Training Course

Working Safely Online Training Course

Managing risk at work is of benefit to everyone and there are three main reason why;

Moral – Ensuring no harm is caused to work colleagues while at work.

Legislative – The law requires it!

Financial – There are financial repercussions to both parties if an accident occurs.

We all want to make it home at the end of a working day without suffering an injury through work. Too many people feel that accidents at work are something that only happens to other people, but the reality is that far too many workers are getting injured and having accidents because Health and Safety laws are not being observed and workers are not working to a safe system of work.

This Working Safely online course from solved hr addresses this issue and covers why we should work safely, defines hazard and risk, identifying common hazards, improving safety performance and protecting the environment. Training is a big part of changing attitudes towards taking risks in the workplace and can make a real difference, ensuring a safer workplace for everyone.

Duration: 150 minutes (Please note, this is based on the running time of the video only and does not take into account any thinking time on questions or slow internet connection speeds).

Working Safely Online Training Course


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