Human Resources

With over 20 years operational and HR experience, Solved HR are able to better understand the demands that you and your business face. At Solved HR you get the benefit of our operational experience alongside our HR expertise and capabilities.
We like to work with businesses and charities as part of the team, we care about your brand and firmly believe that your success is our success. Let Solved HR help solve, develop and prevent human resource issues by working closely within your business and creating tailor made solutions.

Here are the HR services utilised to support our clients:

human resources

Human Resources

Employment Law Advice

  • Up to date current legislation covering all employment matters.
  • Advisory service on specific employment laws appertaining to individual cases.
  • Employment law issues covering policies and procedures.
  • Employment law advice covering all recruitment matters.


Contracts of Employment

  • Contracts covering employment matters for permanent, temporary, part time, fixed-term, zero hour, contractor status.
  • ‘Right Sized’ for organisation.
  • Copies for both organisation and employee, contractor.


Handbooks, Policies and Procedures

  • Let’s look at what you need for your size of organisation.
  • Covers policies that are related to your organisation and industries.
  • Provides reference information for both employer, managers and employees for guidance.
  • Sets expected behaviours, standards and means or redress.
  • Sets out consequences of not attaining standards of performance and behaviour.
  • Provides protection in litigation if implemented and followed.


Disciplinaries & Grievances

  • Carry out unbiased, objective investigations into disciplinary or grievance matters.
  • Provide training to staff on dealing with Disciplinary & Grievances.
  • Chair Disciplinary & Grievance meetings.
  • Chair/Accompany Appeal Hearings arising from Disciplinary and Grievance Hearings.
  • Provide counselling on appropriate levels of response for disciplinary hearings taking into account all mitigating circumstances, length of service, employment history etc.
  • Provide guidance on creating disciplinary and grievance policies.



  • Provide help and guidance on identifying TUPE situations.
  • Outline obligations of transferor and transferee to all parties.
  • Manage TUP transfers on behalf of client.
  • Development of TUPE transfer plan
  • Assist with employee attrition occurring as a result of TUPE transfers.


Employee Attrition/Terminations

  • Assist with terminations resulting from performance/behaviour issues.
  • Provide pragmatic and commercial termination solutions for a range of complex situations.
  • Provide advice and coaching to managers/directors dealing with terminations.
  • Manage redundancy programmes on behalf of clients including notification to the appropriate government office, development and issuing of company communications, development of programme plan, supporting consultations, providing calculations and costs, guiding company through the whole process.
  • Working with companies in developing attrition planning.


Coaching & Mentoring

  • Coaching & Mentoring Managers/Directors/Team Leaders on dealing with all people-related matters.
  • Coaching and mentoring staff on self-improvement based upon personal profile analysis.
  • Coaching and mentoring teams where conflict exists.


Performance Management  

  • Advising managers/directors/team leaders on how to manage performance issues and to increase performance.
  • Advising companies on having good systems and processes in place to encourage and maintain performance.
  • Training staff on how to manage performance issues within their teams.
  • Advise on process and expectations within employment law frameworks.
  • Offer pragmatic, commercial solutions to deal with performance issues based upon actual incidents and impacts.
  • Improve performance levels increasing bottom line financial performance.