Data Protection in the Workplace Online Training Course

Online training courses are rapidly becoming the solution to many company’s training needs. With the flexibility and cost effectiveness online training allows, along with no need for a minimum number of participants usually required for classes, online courses allow training to be completed as and when necessary. This makes it much easier for organisations to ensure all personnel training is up to date.

Data Protection in the Workplace Online Training Course

Data Protection in the Workplace Online Training Course

Most organisations these days handle personal information about their clients in some form, in doing so they have a legal obligation to protect that information. The Data Protection Act 1998 applies to anyone who handles, or has access, to information about individuals. The act also gives rights to the people the information is about. By law, everyone in the workplace must follow the rules set out in the act and help to protect individuals’ rights

Good business practice, the protection of people’s rights and the protection of your organisations reputation are just some of the benefits of good data safety covered in this online training course from solved hr.

There have been many instances in recent years where companies and individuals have suffered serious legal consequences for breaching data protection. This highlights why data protection is so important and how training is a vital part of any organisations data protection policy.

Duration: 70 minutes (Please note: The duration is based on the running time of the video only. There has been no allowance for thinking time on the questions or slow internet connection speeds).

Data Protection in the Workplace Online Training Course

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