Emergency First Aid at Work

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Emergency First Aid at Work


Emergency First Aid at Work

The Emergency First Aid at work course available from solved hr ensures that all staff know what to do in the event that an incident occurs in the workplace. Fortunately, most of us will not encounter any catastrophic incidents involving lots of blood, so first aid will usually consist of patching up a cut or dealing with a sprain.

However, there is always a chance that you may find yourself in a more serious situation. This course will also cover some of the most common situations that you find yourself in, and highlights the actions that you can take to help.

Should a first aider find themselves in a serious situation, this course will ensure that they are able to accurately assess the scene on order to be able to pass information to emergency services and take the appropriate actions to ensure the patients increased chances of survival.

Duration: 150 minutes (Please note, this is based on the running time of the video only and does not take into account thinking time on questions or slow internet connectivity)

Emergency First Aid at Work

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