Coaching and Mentoring

Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders, all are often nervous about dealing with people issues and managing difficult and sometimes emotional situations.

The main reason is simple; most employees in staff management roles are not actually trained as people managers. They often have little experience to fall back on and require the help of a professional person to guide them.

coaching and mentoring 2Coaching and Mentoring

At solved hr we have many years’ experience in coaching and mentoring people managers in order for them to be able to perform this element of their role with much more confidence thereby leading to a professional approach which is respected by their team and others alike.

The coaching and mentoring process starts with identifying what is the behavioural/skill change that is desired.

It is preferable to use what current information is available that can be used to identify the best methods and tools that may be introduced.

Often staff appraisals are a good source of data, 360 degree appraisals even better and self-analysis questionnaires.

In order to get the most out of coaching and mentoring it is important that the recipient is as open as honest as they can about what are their areas of development that they wish to improve.

Often it is not easy to admit that you have a weakness or there is something which you may not be very good at however; most successful people identify that their greatest strength is knowing their greatest weakness.

Once the area for development is identified we often use psychometric tools such as Personal Profile Analysis and Emotional Intelligence and Belbin for greater awareness of what are the preferences and working styles and how they impact the behaviours.

Coaching and mentoring can then commence over an agreed period and at a frequency that suits all involved and is appropriate to the areas under focus.

We also coach and mentor staff within the HR profession aiding them into becoming better within their role with the ability to contribute more to the business and the team.

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