Solved HR can help you with all your recruitment needs ranging from supporting you in resource planning through to bringing new staff on board and settling in; a critical stage of the whole process.
Solved HR work with a number of associates and experts within recruitment and can offer alternative solutions to attracting candidates for a specific role.

So how can Solved HR support your recruitment?

solved hr recruitment
Resource Planning

We consult with you to understand what your needs are currently and within the future. If you have an immediate need for staff; both permanent and temporary; identify positions that may become available due to potential retirements within your organisation.

Job Brief

An initial brief is developed for the role. This will look at the main purpose of the role; the main duties and tasks; reporting structure, managerial or budgetary responsibilities; working conditions and desired remuneration and reward package. This is then used to create a vacancy advert and job description.

Job Advert

We will help you to put together an advert that will be both legally compliant and attractive to prospective clients. This advert will be used either through your preferred vacancy advertisement method or to provide to one of our recruitment associates for them to seek the right candidate for you.

Job Description

An essential document which allows you to see what the role will fulfill; provides your new employee with the information they need to assist them both applying for the role and when they join the business. You want the right people applying for the right reasons so these documents are vital to ensure all parties know what to expect. A good job description will also be a useful document for ongoing performance reviews and measurement.

Screening, Interview and selection support

Solved hr and our associates will assist you with the initial screening of candidate applications allowing you to be able to spend more of your time running your business.
We can also assist you with interviewing. The interview process is critical and so many do a bad job quite simply because they are not trained or experienced. This can result in creating a bad impression to prospective employees or miss out on the best person being selected for the job.
Some of our clients prefer us to lead the interviews whilst they observe and make notes; this allows them to focus more on each candidate. Other clients like to receive training and have us sit in interviews to provide feedback.
We can also help provide objective views in selection, suggest additional tools such as aptitude testing, psychometric assessments and more to provide a more solid decision making process. As well as helping select the right people saving you thousands of pounds against getting it wrong; these will also support you should you have a claim made against you for discriminatory purposes following your selection.

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