Fire Marshal for Care Homes Training

The Fire Marshall for Care Homes training course from solved hr is designed for those employers and employees working in premises providing residential care where the residents may require assistance in the event of a fire. Having the correct procedures in place is essential where residents may not be able to make their way to a place of total safety unaided.

Fire Marshal for Care Homes TrainingFire Marshal for Care Homes Training

Appointing Fire Marshal duties to a responsible person within a care home is an important part of ensuring that your workplace meets and maintains excellent health and safety standards and complies with legislation.

This Fire Marshal for Care Homes online training course from solved hr covers the duties under the latest fire legislation, as well as looking at fire-prevention, the correct use of fire extinguishers, and how to organise a safe evacuation.

Fire marshals, also sometimes known as Fire Wardens, are civilians trained to help in emergency fire evacuation procedures at businesses and other organizations. It is a legal obligation that places of work must have a sufficient number of fire marshals to deal with fire emergencies.

Typical residential care premises include those where care is provided for;

  • the elderly or infirm
  • children and young persons
  • people with special needs such as those with learning difficulties or with mental or physical disabilities
  • people with addictions.

Duration: 220 minutes (Please note, this is based on the running time of the video only. It does not account in for loading or thinking time on the questions).

This course covers the same content as the Fire Marshal course with additional content tailored specifically for employees that work in care homes.

 Fire Marshal for Care Homes Training

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