Belbin Team Roles


Belbin Team Roles

Many times we wonder why Teams are not working well together. Often it is because a team is ‘thrown’ together from existing employees without a thought for the actual ‘make-up’ of the team. Imagine a football team made of  11 goalkeepers, or 11 defenders; we would not be surprised if that team lost many of their games.

Many organisations have used Belbin to actually select their teams or to balance their team strengths. Where the team is an existing one that is not easy to change. Belbin can at least identify the relative strengths and weaknesses so alternative actions can be put into place to enable a more effective team performance.

Duration – ½ Day

Upon completion of this training you will:

  • Understand Belbin Team Roles.
  • Conduct a Personal Inventory.
  • Be aware of Belbin Team Profiles.
  • Understand your own Team Profile.
  • Improve your own team performance through better self-awareness.