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Who we are

solved hr is headed by Simon Merriman, originally a trained engineer who has over 20 years-experience in Senior HR & Training Roles gained within Corporate, SME and multi-sited organisations of 200 to 800 employees.

Simon formed solved hr to assist businesses and charities with affordable and practical solutions to their HR and Training support that adds real pounds to the bottom line either as an outsourced solution or to compliment your own in house team.

If you have a problem – get it solved

If you need a solution – get it solved

S olutions

O rganisations

L egal

V alue

D ependable

Why solved hr?

Unlike many other HR Consultants, we have nearly as many years operational experience as we do over 20 years HR experience. This enables us to have a better understanding of the demands you face and our approach is based upon commercial needs. With solved hr you get the best of both worlds; operational experience aligned with HR expertise and capability.

We want to work with businesses and charities who consider us as ‘part of their organisation. We care about your brand, we will talk in terms of ‘we’ as in together as opposed to ‘you’ someone who pays our bills…….we see contributing to your success as being our success.

As very busy people you want to spend your time working on growing your business and making them successful……..let SOLVED HR help solve, develop, and prevent issues working closely with your business creating tailor made solutions to your challenges.

Fees can be pay-as-you-go, annual fee, monthly fee, hourly fee or price quoted for project; please call for more information.

Amenable, affordable and practical let SOLVED HR relieve you of the stress, anxiety and worry of dealing with all things people related.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Will not charge you if we cannot help

Employment Law Back Up

solved hr has the support of employment law solicitors enabling you to be fully aware of any legal implications and risks making for better informed commercial decisions.

Coaching & Mentoring

Ongoing coaching and mentoring available to Directors/Managers/Supervisors/Team Leaders assisting them in managing and improving their team performance.

Individually Designed Solutions

We start by asking you what outcome you want. Once we understand what you need we propose solutions to meet your requirements. Other organisations will tell you what you can and cannot do from a legal perspective; we will advise and help you beyond that point.


We offer training solutions that help your managers/supervisors/team leaders recruit, develop and manage your employees more effectively producing better results.

Modules are delivered in a classroom environment where issues are discussed, experiences are shared and a greater learning is achieved. This environment also allows for issues relating to the individuals workplace to be explored.

Training is followed up with coaching and advice on how to perform effectively as a manager of people.

One Stop Shop

With our associates we can provide a one-stop shop for your full range of HR & Training needs, HSE Advice and education, Sales Team support and Quality.

Clients Testimonials

  • Nick Mabey

    Chairman Spectrum Northants

    Our Charity has been working with Simon for some months now to help resolve some staffing issues. Simon has acted as a mentor to our General Manager offering support, suggestions and advice on how best to deal with issues concerning difficult behaviours and lack of performance. Simon has successfully coached, listen to and assisted with the resolution of these issues in a professional, friendly, and down to earth manner. Offering sound advice in a format that is understandable has been invaluable to our Manager and lessons learnt have helped them to gain confidence and skills when dealing with difficult H.R. issues. We would recommend his services wholeheartedly.

  • Jenny Cotton-Howells

    General Manager

    Acting as my mentor, Simon has helped me to understand H.R. processes, and how best to deal with and resolve some difficult staffing issues. Simon has given me the confidence to tackle behavioural and performance related concerns, and has always been on hand to guide and support. His professional, friendly and down to earth approach has been invaluable and I have grown in confidence as a result .I would recommend his services wholeheartedly.

  • Michael Jones

    Ex-Chairman Hawes Signs Ltd.

    Simon joined Hawes from Cummins Engine Company in 2004 where he has been with us in the capacity of Human Resources Manager until its acquisition in 2015. During that period my exposure to Simon has been as non-executive Chairmen, initially, somewhat hands off, but latterly from 2010 to 2014, as a somewhat has on Chairman. Simon has proved to be an effective leader of the HR function providing valuable input into the running of the Company particularly in terms of its procedures and valuable insight into the performance of its staff and their personal development. During the period of our more hands on relationship he was a valuable asset in terms of achieving down and up sizing programmes, by selection of the correct staff for acquisition or release. He also provided good council for both the Financial Director and myself in the handling of relationships in this family business. Simon is an accomplished HR professional, who is both loyal and discrete, who I would employ again.

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