How to Find the Right Employee

10 July 2017

When it comes to running a business, you are only ever going to be as successful as the people you employ. The importance of employing the right people really cannot be stressed enough as without them, you can have the best USP or product in the world and still not do well.

Once you have made the decision to recruit, the first place to start is with your job advert. This needs to clearly state what exactly the job is and what skills are required. An ambiguous advertisement will result in a flood of unsuitable applicants and a huge chunk of wasted time.

A good, clear job ad should result in a pile of CVs from suitable candidates. Cover letters can also tell you quite a bit about the applicant, for example if you are recruiting for a role in admin, spelling and grammar mistakes do not look great! In order to narrow down those that you want to interview, the key thing is to know exactly what type of person you are looking for. With a clear idea of what you are looking for, you will quickly be able to choose who to interview and who to disregard. However, if you are uncertain, a pre-interview telephone call is a great way to clarify anything on the CV.

How to Find the Right EmployeeHow to Find the Right Employee

With your short-list of candidates chosen, it’s time to prepare for interviews and making sure you have the right tools to choose the right person for your company. An interview is about much more than finding the person with the right skill-set, their CV’s will already have established that. However, skill matching exercises and scenario questions relevant to the role are a good idea.   Interviews are more about personality and selecting the right candidate to fit in with your company culture. Using Personality Profile Analysis (PPA) will help match the right candidate to the right job and are an excellent way of determining personality type, preferred working styles, communication styles and how they are likely to perform under pressure, as well as what motivates them and what their likely fears are to be.

PPA’s can also be used to assess the personalities of your existing team members so you can be sure that your potential candidate will be a good match, not just for the business, but for your whole team.

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